There are plenty of cases of assault occurring around the Bay Area. One recent example involved a San Mateo woman who robbed and assaulted another woman who police apprehended shortly after. 

However, some people have to contend with false assault accusations. This can happen due to a number of reasons, such as mistaken identity. It is also possible you acted out of self-defense, but the other party claims you started the fight. It is vital to remember your rights, and when the police question you, you should remain silent until you can speak with an attorney. 

Find the right representation

While public defenders are available, you need the aid of an experienced assault defense attorney. Many lawyers offer a free case evaluation.

Create a timeline of the evidence

Once you have a lawyer, you can start building your case. You need to acquire any evidence that proves your side of the story. In the event the charges are a result of mistaken identity, then you will want to have an alibi for where you actually were in the day in question. Even if you were at the scene, you need your lawyer to speak with witnesses who can testify to what transpired. 

Watch what you say and do

Until your day in court comes, you need to be extremely mindful of how you behave. You should not share any of the details of the case on social media. You also do not want to put yourself in a situation where another incident could occur. For example, if the assault charges stemmed from an incident at a specific bar, then you would not want to go to that bar because you never know who will be there. You do not want to accidentally run into the person accusing you of assault and end up with more charges on your record.