Marijuana is legal for recreational use in California, but there are certain restrictions. Proposition 64 is 62 pages long with a lot of details. You cannot simply smoke marijuana anywhere at any age in California and get away with it. While California might seem relaxed and accepting about marijuana, you still need to be aware of the details. 

If you are not careful, you could still face criminal charges for using marijuana. Here are some important things you should know about legal pot in California. 

1. You must be of age

According to the Los Angeles Times, the legal age for possessing, transporting, buying and consuming marijuana for recreational use in California is 21. This means if you are not able to legally drink alcohol, you cannot smoke pot either. If you are under 21, think twice before you get the drug from someone older.

2. You cannot smoke in public

Unless smoking local ordinance allows smoking in public, it is illegal. You cannot light up in the bar or on the sidewalk. Laws also prohibit smoking in theaters and restaurants. Also avoid smoking marijuana near schools, youth centers or daycare centers. 

3. You cannot sell it without a license

Whether you want to grow marijuana for other people or open up a shop, you need a license from the Bureau of Marijuana Control. You might also need to get a license from your local government. If you sell the drug without a state license, you could face a misdemeanor charge with:

  • Six months in jail
  • $500 fine

There could also be harsher federal charges due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. 

As you can tell, the state does not see using and selling marijuana as all fun and games. There are a lot of rules and regulations surrounding the drug. Make sure you are mindful of how you use marijuana.