Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Allegations of intimate partner abuse, child abuse or other types of family violence can result in serious criminal consequences and collateral damage to your reputation. And while many people are quick to judge based on allegations alone, the truth is that domestic violence cases are often much more complex than they may seem.

At the Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief, we understand that complex family dynamics can result in false or overblown allegations of domestic violence. When you hire our lawyers, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your side of the story is heard and that the facts are not overshadowed by emotional appeals, rumors and hearsay. In doing so, we will work toward a reasonable and favorable resolution to the charges you are facing.

Fighting False Accusations Of Domestic Violence In Divorce Cases

Many of our clients are caught up in divorce or custody cases in which the other spouse has made false or exaggerated accusations of domestic abuse to gain the upper hand in the family law proceeding. We understand what is at stake in these cases. Your relationship with your children, and your access to your home and other property could be in jeopardy.

Our firm knows how to help. Family law attorneys regularly refer clients to the Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief to defend against false accusations of domestic assault. This includes defense against restraining orders. We are ready to pursue full evidentiary hearings that can either expose allegations as false or demonstrate that they have been exaggerated. Our goal is to make sure that you are treated fairly in both family court and criminal court.

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