Skilled Restraining Order Defense Attorneys

Successfully challenging a restraining order requires a great deal of skill, experience and legal knowledge. Our lawyers at the Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief are among the most respected defense attorneys practicing in San Francisco's state courts. We represent clients in full evidentiary hearings, protecting their rights and exposing the truth so that they can continue on with their lives.

When The Stakes Are High, False Allegations Fly

Sadly, a significant number of high-asset divorce cases in California involve false accusations of domestic violence. Usually, the self-proclaimed victim makes false allegations in order to obtain a more favorable settlement or to gain full custody of the children. In addition to criminal charges, the wrongly accused spouse may be denied access to his home and barred from contact with his children. Our attorneys have extensive experience achieving optimal results for defendants in these types of high-stakes, complex cases.

Were You Served A Temporary Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

You may have recently been served a temporary domestic violence restraining order. It is important to contact our lawyers now to ensure that you know your options. We will fully assess your case, listen to your side of the story, and make informed recommendations based on more than 40 years of experience and hundreds of trials. We know that the courtroom can be an intimidating, stressful place. Our job is to protect you and fight for you at every step.

Call 415-906-3423 now to speak with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys if you have been served a restraining order or accused of domestic violence. We offer free initial consultations.

For Referring Divorce Attorneys

If you are a divorce attorney in Northern California seeking restraining order defense for your client, please contact us. We routinely receive referrals from family law attorneys due to our reputation and track record in achieving successful outcomes. Our peers often turn to us for assistance in complex, high-stakes divorce cases that frequently involve false allegations of domestic violence. Contact us for assistance at 415-906-3423 or send us an email.