RICO Racketeering Charges In A Criminal Case

RICO stands for the "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act." It was created to increase penalties for organized crime. RICO charges are often brought in addition to federal white collar criminal charges if prosecutors suspect that the offenses were part of a larger operation in which crimes occurred over a period of time.

Don't Let The Government Pin The Crimes Of An Organization On You

Facing a RICO offense in addition to another charge can be a very worrisome, frightening experience. Even if you were not involved in the alleged offenses of the criminal organization, the government will try to pin many crimes on you. The Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief is highly experienced in handling federal RICO cases.

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Recognized Leaders In White Collar And RICO Cases

We have defended hundreds of clients in white collar criminal cases, including RICO charges related to a pattern of racketeering, a criminal enterprise and interstate commerce. We frequently receive referrals from past clients and fellow attorneys due to our in-depth knowledge of RICO laws, as well as our thorough understanding of the technical and financial issues often involved in racketeering cases.

Punishment For Racketeering: Prison

Prison. Loss of your money and property. Additional lawsuits. These are just a few of the ways a RICO conviction will impact your life. A single count of racketeering can carry a prison sentence up to 20 years. Life imprisonment is possible if the accompanying criminal charge also carries a life sentence. In addition to incarceration, a RICO conviction results in forfeiture of all assets earned through racketeering. Civil suits by individuals who have suffered financial harm or property damage are also permitted.

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