Federal Narcotics Offenses: The Stakes Are High

Federal agencies spend weeks, months or even years investigating narcotics cases before bringing charges. If you believe you are under investigation for a federal drug crime, you need an experienced attorney immediately. Contact our attorneys at the Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief in San Francisco. We have successfully defended thousands of clients facing serious criminal charges, including federal narcotics offenses such as:

  • Drug distribution/trafficking
  • Drug diversion/drug court
  • Drug importation
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation, including marijuana or hashish grow house and meth lab offenses
  • Drug possession
  • Medical marijuana cases

We Know Federal Drug Laws

Federal narcotics cases are different from state cases, and require specific experience and a unique skill set. Don't trust your case and your future to just any attorney who claims to handle federal cases. Our lawyers have a strong track record of obtaining many acquittals by jury trial and case dismissals.

We have defended clients against all types of federal drug charges, including those involving cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, and Ecstasy (MDMA) and marijuana.

We also assist clients with civil claims to recover property seized during a federal or California state narcotics investigation. Even if you are never charged, you must file a claim to get your property back.

Your Freedom Is On The Line — Contact Us

When your freedom is on the line, turn to the Law Offices of Hanlon & Rief. We are highly experienced trial lawyers, with the reputation and experience needed to handle these cases at any stage of the process. From investigation to trial, we are ready to do what is necessary to defend you.

Call 415-906-3423 now to avoid serious penalties and fight for the best outcome. We will provide you an honest assessment of your case and immediately begin working to protect your rights. You can also reach out online to request a free consultation, and we will be in touch shortly.